Snow Day Essentials

If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you can probably guess where the inspiration for this post came from – that’s right, the “Bomb Cyclone” that’s swept across the East Coast Thursday morning! Aside from raiding Trader Joe’s and pulling out the snow boots for the second time this season, we’ve compiled a list of little luxuries that will almost make you wish for the inclement weather

First order of business – cozy up!!

A warm sweatshirt, a chunky cozy blanket, and fuzzy socks are a requirement on days like this.

Hot Cocoa

Any excuse to drink liquid chocolate! We’re also obsessed with this beautiful electric kettle by Fellow


What better way to spend a day inside than to pamper yourself? We may or may not be addicted to sheet masks, and god knows our face needs a lot of moisturizing this time of year!

A good book and scented candle

No better time to finish a book than when you’re stuck indoors for the day


When you’re in the same vicinity all day a good stretch session will help with blood flow

Turn up the heat

Gone are the days of bulky, unattractive space heaters. We are particularly partial to the Northwest heater which mimics a fire and can be mounted on the wall. The Wayfair heater is also super slim and can fit almost anywhere!


Below are a few more things that keep us from feeling the winter blues – enjoy!



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